St. Anne's and Blackpool Become One

There has been a Jewish community in St Anne's since the 1920s, although the synagogue was not established until the 1930s.

The current building was completed in the years following WWII.

There was a vibrant Jewish community in both Blackpool and St. Anne's until 2012 when the Blackpool Synagogue in Leamington Road closed for the final time and the congregation of the Blackpool Synagogue was then merged with St. Anne's.

Blackpool United Hebrew Congregation was founded in about 1907 with the merger of Blackpool Hebrew Congregation which had been founded in 1898 and Blackpool New Orthodox Hebrew Congregation (founded in 1905). The synagogue was originally located in Springfield Road, North Shore. The most recent synagogue in Leamington Road was consecrated in 1916.

The last service, conducted by Cantor Steven Robins LRCM, was held on 13 May 2012 accompanied by the Shabbaton Choir. The synagogue was packed for the occasion with many former members and children and grandchildren of congregants from previous years attending. The sermon was given by Rabbi Arnold Saunders of Manchester, a previous Minister.

The last Minister of the synagogue was Rabbi David Braunold who assumed the pulpit in 1985 and departed for the St Anne's Hebrew Congregation in 2010. Rabbi Braunold gave the welcoming address at the last service

It was a very poignant and moving ceremony that heralded the closure of the Blackpool Synagogue

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There are many challenging issues facing any small community synagogue:

  • Religious leader /people to lead services
  • Minyan
  • Building maintenance
  • Kosher food
  • Social events
  • Families and Children
  • Education
  • Burials / Chevrah Kadisha – view Case Studies »
  • Support for elderly who wish to maintain a Jewish environment
  • Cultural awareness of social services


There is an ongoing challenge to encourage and welcome new members to our beautiful synagogue here in St. Anne's.

Our president, Robert Pinkus, welcomes the Chief Rabbi, Ephraim Mirvis, to the induction of our Rabbi, Danny Bergson on 16th June 2019   






The Imperial War Museum houses this memorial to the members of the Blackpool Hebrew Congregation who laid down their lives in World War 1.