If you wish to join the Shul’s Burial Board – Contact Howard Lipman on 07775 767675


To report a passing – Contact the Shul Office on 01253 721831 and/or Robert Pinkus on 07768 400144

Further contacts :

Rabbi Bergson 07917 548386

Philip Lefton 07961 425955


The Rabbi is available for an appointment or to visit members . Please call 07917 54886

Should anyone require a Minyan to recite Kaddish,in the first instance it is your responsibility to obtain a Minyan.

In order for the Minyan to be announced in the weekly email the information must be emailed to philip@leftons.co.uk at least 7 days before.


To host a Kiddush on Shabbat to commemorate a Yahrzeit please call :
Helen Caro on 01253 721950 or
Adrienne Richman on 01253 726477.

Memorial candles (£1)  can be purchased at the Shul from David on Tuesday to Friday between 10pm—1.00pm.