The Jewish Community in St Anne’s

In the beginning, there was a St. Anne’s Hebrew Congregation in the 1920’s, although it formally dates from the early 1930’s.

St.Anne’s congregation started out as a Sephardi congregation established by a number Jewish textile merchants from South  Manchester led by the Hamuwi  family who lived in a large house where the Aldi store is now. Minyanim were held in rooms above a butchers shop in Orchard Road.

In 1909 there were about 50 Jewish families in the area. Just before the ‘39  war and into the war a number of Manchester Families moved into St.Anne’s and changed the community to Ashkenazi.

Since 1946, the Jewish population in St Anne’s has varied between 350 and 520 in 1965, and the latest data in 2004 suggests there are currently around 302.

From early 1930’s until 1940, the congregation was housed in Union Bank Buildings on Park Road, and in the early fifties bought the Methodist church – initially occupying a building that had previously been occupied by the St. Mary’s Mission Church and then by the St Anne’s Women’s Conservation and Unionist Association.  Services were held there till the new building in it’s present location on Orchard Road was consecrated in 1961.


St. Mary’s Mission Church, demolished in 1964

In 1964, the church was demolished, and the present purpose-built Synagogue was built on the site.

From 1964 – the new purpose built Synagogue



Blackpool was considered the primary Jewish Orthodox community in the area, however, with the decline of Blackpool’s Jewish community, in 2012 it was decided to close its Synagogue on Leamington Road and merge with St. Anne’s.

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The St. Anne’s Synagogue is now the only Orthodox congregation in the area, although there is also a Reform Synagogue in Blackpool.

The then Chief Rabbi Brodie visited for the opening and dedication.  Click here to see photos


Rabbi Danny Bergson and Family

Our current Rabbi in 2022 is Rabbi Danny Bergson, who together with Rebbetzen Anna and their 5 children, took up the post in August 2018, with his induction taking place in June 2019 by Chief Rabbi Mirvis.